The secret that the barber shop won't tell you: the hair dye comb will make half of the hair stylist jobless!
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Recently, there was a hot news that a barber shop clerk was dissatisfied with the hidden rules and collectively asked to resign! What are the unspoken rules?

The clerk said: Since work, the boss requires every customer who enters the store to apply for a card. As long as people come, they must promote the charge card anyway, otherwise they will be fined or even corporal punishment! The vast majority of people have the experience of being cheated by a barber shop. In fact, what you know may be only the tip of the iceberg. As one of the most mysterious industries in China, you must read today’s article to root your thoughts.

No.1 Never know what is in the bottle

Those high-end products marked with Japanese and Korean on the counter are always just decorations! The ones you use are all miscellaneous brands below 10 yuan, even if the outer packaging is L'Oreal or Schwarzkopf, the inside has already been dropped.

No. 2 potion profiteering exceeds 400%

In the hairdressing industry, it is a well-known secret to put foreign brands on domestic products. Obviously, syrups and shampoos were imported from some wholesale markets in Guangdong, and they were packaged into unknown foreign products, and the profits were generally more than 400%.

No.3 The mystery of card consumption

This is the fastest way to get money, and it is an unspoken rule of forced consumption; some bosses will get cash flow to expand quickly, such as a boss who invests 500,000 yuan to open a shop and expand capital in a short period of time. What's more, if you collect cash, you just run away.

No. 4 high-tech hair care products are not credible

The hairdresser will recommend some hair care products to you, and the effect is very colorful. In fact? It is nothing more than products such as conditioners and hair masks.

No.5 Barbers make money mainly by dyeing and perming their hair

Why do some barbers always treat you indifferently? Because you don’t dye your hair, you don’t perm! The big money for barbers is always the hair dyeing and hair dyeing for hundreds of dollars, as well as some expensive hair care!